By the Sea, Comox Location

The purpose of Inner Smile Montessori is to support children in developing their independence, creative expression, and understanding of the world by providing a safe, loving, joyful and inspiring space for them to learn in.

Inner Smile Montessori is a childcare center for parents who are seeking licensed, top-quality care in a creative, loving, homelike environment. It is the ideal center for families seeking ‘life-readiness’ and social/emotional development alongside hands-on Montessori academics, free play and a nature-based program every morning.”

Programs for 2-6 year olds
Mornings in nature, Montessori and arts after lunch
9:00 am – 3:30 pm Mon – Fri, all year round
Register for Tuesdays & Thursdays,
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays or 5 days/week

Opens September 2018
2710B Comox Road (Door at back of property)
Small groups, High-Quality

Daycare – Your Child Deserves the Best

Inner smile Montessori is guided by a respectful Montessori philosophy. Our long-term goal is to give children the tools to create a better and brighter world. We provide loving, intentional, supportive care and seek to be a welcoming and helpful part of the community. We believe that children learn best through experiences that interest them, and that in a prepared environment they will choose activities best suited their developmental needs.

We encourage children to creatively explore, and know that they’re being respected as equal individuals with their own preferences, personalities and perspectives.

We strongly encourage social/emotional learning, healthy lifestyles, healthy eating habits, and connection to nature and the outdoors.

Daytime Care Schedule

Our schedule is flexible and generally follows this outline:

9-9:30 Arrive
9:30 Circle time
9:45-12 Nature education (walking and exploring outside) and snack
12 Lunch
12:30-1 Nap or rest time
1-2:00 Montessori Activities
2-3:30 Fine arts and free play

How to find us

Montessori activities

Our program is guided by a Montessori philosophy. Each day we spend 1-2 hours working with Montessori activities doing hands-on learning about self-care, practical skills, math, English, science, and development of the 5 senses.

Free play and Art

There’s always time for play! Free play is when we dive deeply into learning about relationships, practicing social skills and growing in emotional intelligence.

Outdoors everyday!

We’re outside for 1-3 hours everyday in the sun, rain, snow or mud. We dress for the weather and play hard!

Our Team in Comox

Tonja Bjermeland - ECE, BFA

Tonja Bjermeland - ECE, BFA

Tonja is a mother, artist (BFA) and ECE.  She grew up on North Vancouver Island surrounded by the local rugged landscape which provided a vast inspiration for her creative interests and activities.  As an artist and lifelong student she is following a vocation which allows a full expression of her desire for continual learning, creativity, enthusiasm and her love of children.  She is passionate about conveying a love of nature and being outside to early learners.
She believes in learning through experience, exploration, discussion, creative expression and positive peer interactions.  Her goal as a teacher is to stir the inner excitement, wonder, creativity, compassion of each child.  She believes in meeting children where they are, teaching the whole child and providing a solid foundation for future exploration and learning.